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Magaña Baptiste is Director of the San Francisco Royal Academy of Oriental Dance. She and her dance troupe have performed extensively in the United States and worldwide. Magaña was recently inducted into the Dance Hall of Fame in New York in recognition of her international stature as a Master Teacher of Oriental Dance, as well as multi-cultural dance. She also holds the sacred title of Yogi, which was conferred upon Magaña by the Immortal Swami Sivanada.

The Art of Mudras is a spiritual art form of gestures of the hands and body. Magaña has mastered the mudras from Oriental, Hindu, Tibetan and Indonesian dance, and of the high priests in the lands of their origins.

This class is an integration of Yoga, Breath, Healing, and Spiritual Movement. It encourages joyful movement and creativity in body, Mind and Spirit. Ranga Puja Temple Dance will be taught.

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