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I agree to abide by all rules of the Contest. If I win the Miss America of the Belly Dance or Mr. America of The Belly Dance Contest, or if my team wins the Duo Team contest or the troupe Team Contest, I agree to perform at the Al Masri Egyptian Restaurant on Sunday Evening from 7-10pm.

I am submitting a resume of my background, a 300 or more word essay about "What Belly Dancing Means to Me," and an 8x10 black and white glossy photograph which I authorize Magaña Baptiste to use for publicity purposes.

I am submitting an essay to describe my Health Disciplines:

  1. The types of exercise programs and sports in which participate - jogging, progressive weight training, aerobics, bicycling, swimming, Yoga, etc. and my reason for choosing these programs.
  2. The different nutritional programs that I follow-health and natural foods, fasting, macrobiotic foods, etc.
  3. The different types of dance which I study and perform and my reasons for choosing these forms of dance.
  4. The kinds of mental and spiritual improvement techniques which I practice and my reasons for choosing these techniques.

I also authorize Magaña Baptiste to use any or all photographs and videotapes taken of me during my performances at the 2000 Belly Dance Contest for educational and for professional purposes, and for dance books which she will publish. I give my permission to appear, and I shall make no claim for financial or other reimbursement or the sales of these photographs or videotapes. I release my rights to compensation, recourse, or complaint.

I hereby voluntarily and knowingly, intending to be legally bound for myself, my heirs, executors, or administrators, release the Miss or Mr. America of The Belly Dance contest and their agents and employees from any and all claims for any kind of damages or injuries received, including loss of personal property, while participating in or traveling to or from the 17th Annual San Francisco International Belly Dance Festival.

I agree to use the title of Miss America of the Belly Dance or Mr. America of The Belly Dance, or Ms. or Mr. World correctly for any publicity purposes.

Signature: _______________________________________ Date: __________________________________

Number of People
Price per Person
Total Price
Ms. or Mr. America of Belly Dance Solo:
Duo (per person) ___
Troupe (per person) ___
Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________
Email: _________________________________________
Solo Name to be used in Contest: ______________________________________________
Duo Name to be used in Contest: ______________________________________________
Troupe Name to be used in Contest: ______________________________________________
Members Names: ______________________________________________
Name of your Musical Selection: ______________________________________________
Name of Cassette: ______________________________________________
Name of the Orchestra: ______________________________________________
Name of the Composer: ______________________________________________