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Magaņa Baptiste!
San Francisco's Renowned Teacher
"Hall of Fame Honoree"

Study Classical Oriental Dance Belly Dance,Egyptian, Cabaret Modern and Folkloric, Saidi, Cane, Veil Dance, Sword Dance. Professional Routines and Coaching. Dynamic Drum Solo. Certificate of Accreditation offered.Private classes by Appointment.

Belly Dance Schedule and Fees:
Monday  7:00 pm to  8:00pm Beginning level
Tuesday 7:30 pm to  8:30pm  All levels
Wednesday 7:30 pm to  8:30pm All levels
Thursday 7:00 pm to  8:30 pm All levels
*To be held every 2nd & last Thursday of each month for Mudra Class. (Call for next series)

4 Weeks Enrollment
For further information call: 415-387-6833 

12 Weeks Enrollment
For further information call: 415-387-6833 

Private Classes:

Private Classes by Appointment only

Special Temple Dance, *
Mudras, Shamanic Dancing, Poetry, Spiritual Healing Class -- Sessions for All levels. To be held every 2nd and last Thursday of each month.

Yoga Classes :
For further information call: 415-387-6833   

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